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Re: Voice Tracking

Posted: 20 Jul 2012 19:45
by radio42
Of course you can do VoiceTracking when you are streaming (when e.g. your MIC is routed to MON).

Just make sure, that your MIC mixer-input-channel is muted (the 'M' button should be red) while you are recording (VoiceTracking).
This allows you (even if the input-mixer-channel is muted) to still use it for recording your VoiceTracks.
Mute in this case means the mixer-input-channel's output routing is muted - as such the routing to MON is muted.
Make sure, that in the config settings of your mixer-input-channel the Mute/Unmute option is set to either "Mute/Unmute Output" or "Mute/Unmute Output only" - but not to "Mute/Unmute External"!

That should do the job.