Script Test- MP3 file duration incorrect

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Script Test- MP3 file duration incorrect

Post by RonJV »

When we run a Fixed program in Scheduler our script calls for a specific file from a specific folder and plays the file correctly and for the proper duration.
However when we run the Script Test, everything look good except the duration of that MP3 file. Thankfully it executes properly.
We would like the script to Test with the actual MP3 duration time showing up in the test results.
The duration time in the test always shows up much shorter than the actual time ( 3 minutes and 40 seconds for a 2hour show).
One thing that was curious was that when we reloaded the MP3 file and reran the test, the duration time would change slightly.
We verified the actual MP3 file duration by looking at the length in a Windows directory listing.
Is there something we need to do to the MP3 file for Proppfrexx to Script Test it properly?
Thanks for any light you can shed on this Test anomaly.
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Re: Script Test- MP3 file duration incorrect

Post by radio42 »

The effective duration including the cue-point evaluation and even the optional ACPD is not evaluated in the script test mode. In addition the segue restrictions are also not evaluated in the test mode.
The length in the Windows Explorer also doesn’t know anything about ProppFrexx cue-points and also doesn’t really determine the 100% raw duration of an MP3, as in MP3 this is only a header info, which is an estimation.

As the script test mode isn’t designed to plan the 100% exact duration, you should always over-schedule the duration there.
As an example: what is the duration?
A) the total raw duration (length of MP3)?
B) from cue-in to cue-out (length what you hear)?
C) from cue-in to the next cue-point (length in playlist)

As you can see, there are various definitions and B + C requires some mixing calculation, which is not available in the script test.

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