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Why program likes some songs ?

Posted: 01 Aug 2021 16:52
by viljar

why does the software prefer one song to another?
I take 4 songs. All them taken in at the same date, but totally different "Played Counter" value and that's is big problem for me.

Pictures: ... aXULa?dl=0

Re: Why program likes some songs ?

Posted: 01 Aug 2021 17:07
by viljar
Are somehow possible make like that : << Look (that) folder and take smallest "Played Count" number and play that >> AND same time need compare "Last played Days" Otherwise when i put one new song then program play that song always as long "played count" are similar with other songs.

Or you have better idea`?

Re: Why program likes some songs ?

Posted: 01 Aug 2021 19:59
by radio42
I do not really get and understand what you are saying.
And it ALL depends how your programs and scripts do looks like and how your media libraries and tracks do look like.
You provided many screen shots, but they do not tell much, as I don’t see your script or history.
I also only see two PlayCounters (19 and 36). Two numbers, which doesn’t tell much.
Because I can only see one filter and one script history setting. You probably still use a global history, multiple media libs etc.
All this influences the tracks and when they are played and if some tracks are skipped.
You might use the Script Test function to understand when a history entry is hit etc.
The tutorial video about the history also explains, this.
The more options, histories and filters you use the more dependencies do you create.

What script-line mode are you using? Random, LeastRecentlyPlayed, LeastTimesPlayed?
How big are your media libs?

However, the LeastTimesPlayed mode of course has a bias towards the PlayCounter (that’s the purpose of that mode).

So overall it can get very complex and isn’t simple to answer.
But ProppFrexx doesn’t ‘like’ songs more than others :-) it strictly follows the rules defined.

Re: Why program likes some songs ?

Posted: 01 Aug 2021 21:44
by radio42
Let me give you a simple example.
Assume you have two media libraries A and B.
A contains exactly the four tracks you mentioned/showed.
B contains many other tracks, but also one other track from ABBA (or when you don’t even use the strict history check, the chars ‘abba’ can even be contained in an Artist like eg. ‘Tabbathya’).

When your script(s) now uses both media libs, the ABBA track out of lib A will be used half often than the other 3 tracks.

Because the Artist check will fail for ABBA more often than for the other tracks. Ie. ABBA is used equally often as a whole, but the individual track is therefore used less often.

This is a simple example how the history setting effects the selection of tracks.