Save DSP configuration

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Save DSP configuration

Post by jsonio »


I'm using 4 dll VST-DSP on one channel of PF mixer but I notice they often disappear from my channel and i need to set them up again.
I guess they disappear probably after reboots, crash or PF updates, is there a way to prevent them from disappearing or maybe to save the DSP configuration to reload it at boot? Maybe I just need to save them in the mixer setting that is loaded at PF boot?

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Re: Save DSP configuration

Post by radio42 »

When ProppFrexx is shut down gracefully OR you click on the 'Save Mixer Setup' button (save icon) in the SETUP popup of the Main mixer channel, the VST configuration is saved - mainly in the selected Mixer Setup file, e.g. in the file called "Default.mixer".

Note, that VSTs have two standard ways to store their configuration:
1. per Parameter (param and value)
2. in a user defined binary chunk format (proprietary)
Both are fully supported by ProppFrexx.
However, some VSTs have not implemented both resp. not 100% everything.
One example is even a well known StereoTool VST. They implemented option 1, but are not saving/restoring the preset name. E.g. once you select a preset name, that that name is shown and visible. But after a restore, 'only' all parameters are restored, but the preset name is not.
And in other cases, the options are only available when you use a licensed version - e.g. ToneBoosters only allow you to restore the configuration, once you have a valid licenes.

However, even after a crash, that last saved configuration is restored.

So I am not sure what it might be in your case - but first try to save the mixer settings in the setup explicitly. That should help.
Then do a reboot and see, if it is restored correctly.
If not, we need to further analyse. It this case I need more info on what VSTs you are actually using and with what VSTs you have an issue.

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