Encoder Setup (using command-line encoders)

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Encoder Setup (using command-line encoders)

Post by radio42 » 09 Apr 2012 21:51

ProppFrexx ONAIR supports any external command-line encoder of your choice!
NOTE: Some encoders might require a license (to be obtained by yourself) in order to use it! Please make sure to not infringe any patents/licences!

By default ProppFrexx might use any installed codec which comes shipped with your operating system (e.g. ProppFrexx might use the Microsoft Media Foundation Library or the installed QuickTime librray if available).
However, you still need to setup these encoder in the general settings!

To setup any external command-line encoder do the following:
1. Open the general "Settings" dialog (F3)
2. Select the "Encoding/Recording" section
3. Click on the "Encoder Setup..." button


In this dialog you can enter all the necessary configuration data to setup your Generic MP3 or AAC encoder of choice as well as any other additional command-line encoder.

Executable: the filename of the command-line encoder.
CBR String: the command-line arguments for constant bitrates
VBR String: the command-line arguments for variable bitrates
The other flags are there to specify the available options of the command-line encoder (e.g. if it supports 32-bit input etc.).

Make sure, that the command-line encoder executable is saved within the ProppFrexx ONAIR/Encoder subdirectory!

Setting up the official "Fraunhofer IIS mp3 Surround command line encoder mp3sEncoder.exe"
Note: In order to use this encoder commercially you need a license!

Executable: "mp3sEncoder.exe"
CBR String: "${user} -raw -sr ${Hz} -c ${chan} -res ${res} -q ${option} -br ${bps} -if ${input} -of ${output}"
VBR String: "${user} -raw -sr ${Hz} -c ${chan} -res ${res} -q ${option} -m ${quality} -if ${input} -of ${output}"
Support STDOUT: True
No WAVE Header: True
Use 32-Bit Integer: False
Use 24-Bit Integer: True

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