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Post by Erris » 31 Aug 2019 13:13

Hi Bernd,

I'm trying to use STREAMING_SETSONGTITLE in the programm schedule, control commands, i have a few recordings but i don't want to show the name on the stream so i put the recordings in de genre talk and put in pto the stream config to ignore talk. after that i put a programm name in STREAMING_SETSONGTITLE in the programm schedule, control commands. on the following rules:

on programm startup
on programm started

but the odd thing is the command is not pushing the title to the stream, a'm i missing something?

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Post by radio42 » 31 Aug 2019 15:55

Normally you don’t need to use that command, as in the streaming server configuration you can specify to update the song title automatically (which is the default).
So with each track change that command would be overwritten.
Alternatively you might want to change the song title format update to a fixed text.

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