Corrupt Configuration File!

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Corrupt Configuration File!

Post by jsonio »


Yesterday I got many "Corrupt Configuration File!" on different files (mixer, songhistory, etc.)
At the end, PF wasn't responding and I had to reboot the computer manually.
Then PF started again, the song was marked with "PLAY" but was not playing (like if there was a bug with the soundcard but the soundcard seemed OK).
After a second reboot, it finally restarted. :o

What is the main reason of thoses errors and what do you suggest to solve it? Reinstalling PF? Or maybe an hardware problem?
Thank you very much,

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Re: Corrupt Configuration File!

Post by radio42 »

Config files are written to disk (and even first created in a temp file and when done, PF swaps the new with the old file - the old file is than renamed to .bak, as a backup file).
This to avoid errors, e.g. when a sudden power outage occurs. If at the next (startup)time the errors can not be recovered, the .bak file being used. That explains your behavior you experienced.

So the only logical explanation I can have to such behavior (corrupted config files) is either a serious defect on your hard disk or an error in the general I-O/sub-system (driver etc.), or the network, in case the files reside on a network drive.
So you should carefully check your system health. It might even be, that other files are affected as well, which you did not recognize that easy, e.g. audio files.

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