dante via asio not starting

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dante via asio not starting

Post by dalleyr »

i try to use ProppFrexx on Dante Via using ASIO.
I have on error : Start Output Failed

It works with WASAPI but there's a latency.

I should specify that DANTE VIA/ASIO works with playit Cartwall.

Thank you for your help.
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Re: dante via asio not starting

Post by radio42 »

If you got a Device Error, it sounds, like the ASIO device might already be in use (either with ProppFrexx or in an other application).
Note, that ASIO is not able (like WASAPI) to operate in shared mode, which means, a single device (ASIO channel) can only be used separately at the same time.

Please post a screenshot (general settings, section Input/Output) about your mixer setup - I assume, that there is some configuration issue (and specify, which ASIO channels are working and which not) and make sure, that no other application uses the same ASIO channel at the same time.
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Re: dante via asio not starting

Post by fred48fm »

If that can be of any help, we also use Dante.

For your safety, avoid Dante Via for critical stuffs and prefer Dante Virtual Sound Card.
If you need to use Dante Via, take care to use the same input / output module for every program you use. So don't mix "Dante Via Transmit or Receive" and "Dante Via (x64)" at the same time. Programs could crash or loose audio.

Best regards

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