Proppfrexx on AMD Rhyzen 5

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Proppfrexx on AMD Rhyzen 5

Post by rbsradio »

Good morning,
i'll try to explain in my best English.

we have a new computer since 5 days based on a MSI board MPG x570 with AMD Rhyzen 5 - 3600 processor and 32 gb ram + SSD on motherboard.
Mixer= D&R Airence
Version Proppfrexx: latest update via Proppfrexx onair download (on 04-06-2022).
Computer BIOS is up2date (version22-05-2022).

Proppfrexx plays files (wave) on 4 players : player starts sometime to slow and time remaining or counting display has a strange behaviour that it seems to slow and then it jumps 10 or more seconds forwards. Music still plays normal.
Behaviour is on all players the same.
Sometimes player 1 starts normal and 2 will not start when fader is up. It starts 3 or 4 secs later. Not workable in a live radiostudio environment.

Someone an idea?
The old computer was an intel-based machine and there we had no problems with PF. The other external things did not change.

We have the same behaviour with another D&R airence (older model) on that computer with PF.
We uninstalled PF; reinstalled.... no solution.

Eject a track : slow reaction PF
adding a track : slow but it does the thing
Closing PF: you have to wait a couple of secs
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Re: Proppfrexx on AMD Rhyzen 5

Post by radio42 »

Hi rbsradio,

You already reported a lot of strange things in your other posts recently. Some seems to have been resolved after your deactivated UAC in Windows (even if this should not be related). You already reported huge delays with the D&R mixer, which also seems to have disappeared somehow.

Now in this post the huge delay seems to be back?
Unfortunately I can neither reproduce nor really help, as it seems somehow machine related.
Even if the PC (from the specs) seems great, there must be some issue with it.
Any delay in display or with the D&R of 10sec. is absolutely not normal. But I am afraid, that I can not really Hepworth change things.

As you already recognized, with your old PC you did not had any issues…

Is your media library probably rescanning in the background? The red busy indicator would light in red at the lower left corner - but that would not explain such delay of seconds…

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