v4.2.7.5 - stable

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Re: v4.2.7.5 - stable

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radio42 wrote: 11 Jun 2022 23:02 I don’t maintain the old versions, but only the latest v4.3.0.0.

Why would you use the old version? There is no reason to not use the latest one. If that should be related to your MIDI issue, I can ensure, that nothing was changed in the MIDI part. Also note, that only your slider messages seems to have an issue, but other MIDI messages work fine. So that can not be related to the new version.
I was looking for the previous version not to fix the slider issue but to try resolve an issue I was having with the latest version where it would get stuck at restoring layout.
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Re: v4.2.7.5 - stable

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The previous version is with any update you perform in ProppFrexx stored in the sub-folder of the installation folder called ‚previous version‘.

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