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1. PROPPFREXX GPIO client use a lot of resources.
10.8% from memory
Proppfrexx Onair uses only 1,2 %

2. sometimes after boot up the machine the D&R AIRENCE mixer is not connected but in GPIO is setup as enabled at startup.

Computer (new one) AMD Rhyzen 5, 32 GB RAM, 3x SSD, 1x hdd 4tb
airence connector gpio.PNG
gpio resources high.PNG
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It looks, like it uses 10% of the CPU and not 10% of the memory.
It also looks, like this is either used by the D&R interface (which is being used by ProppFrexx) or the Vellemann API.
Can you please disable one of it and see if that drops the CPU usage and then disable the other interface and activate the other… this to investigate, which one is actually causing it.
But as of now, I am not sure, if that can be reduced, as the GPIO Client simply uses the interfaces as provided by both Vellemann and D&R as given, so there is not much to optimize I am afraid.

However, are 10% usage doing anything harmful to your system? Actually is that not super much.
ProppFrexx might use even more, depending on what you are using, eg. if using certain VSTs and at time, where you have many things happening in parallel it might even use 25% average or 50% or more at peak times…

That sometimes the D&R mixer can not connect also sounds, like an issue of D&R itself. Have you maybe connected via a hub or alike? Actually, if the mixer itself, including the USB audio device cannot connect, it sounds like a general issue. But this seems to be unrelated to the CPU usage.

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