Broken usb key

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Broken usb key

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Hello Bernd,

It's been a long time, but finally a problem presented itself last week ;-)

We have 2 licenses on usb, but last week one pc did not restart after a windows update. After some troubleshooting it seems that the usb stick with our license on it cannot be read by windows anymore. With the usb stick inserted the pc will only start from a cold boot and then the usbstick is not recognized. After a restart the pc hangs somewhere in the boot sequence until i remove the usbstick and then windows will resume the startup.

I could not read the stick with several other windows systems, but finally with Linux i was able to copy the contents to another usbstick.

But now, when i start ProppFrexx i get the following message:
Screenshot 2022-09-23 173535.png
Screenshot 2022-09-23 173535.png (11.5 KiB) Viewed 122 times
As i understand it you can only help me if i present You with the original license mail, which i still have, but should i attach it to a forum message?

With kind regards,

Jack Reitsema
ICT Omroep Eemsdelta.

NB. Please note that our station changed it's name, the license is registered under HavenstadFM.
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Re: Broken usb key

Post by radio42 »

Another USB stick will of course generate another Ident-Number.
But I can transfer your license.
Just send me your last registration data mail (as I need to deactivate these keys).
And then your send me your new ProppFrexx Ident-Number as shown in the registration dialog (note to switch to the USB registration mode beforehand).
Send it to me personally, eg. via email. I will asap return you with new keys.

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