Automatic air alert

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Ihor Mudrak
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Automatic air alert

Post by Ihor Mudrak »

Hello, is there any way to automatically turn on sound notification about air alert (start/end of the alert) on the radio?
We have open API which sends information about start end end of air alert. Is there any way to integrate some script in ProppFrexx on air with it?
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Re: Automatic air alert

Post by radio42 »

It sounds, like you would like to play a certain 'sound' when an event occurs what you call an 'air alert'?!
I.e. you want to trigger to play a sound when your external event happens?!

Note, that ProppFrexx has a quite simple TCP/IP interface which you can use to send external control-commands to ProppFrexx.
This interface is explained here: viewtopic.php?p=21#p21

With these control-commands you can remote control most of ProppFrexx functions, like stop a playlist, mute or unmute mixer as well as play files (sounds).
E.g. you can use the following commands to play any audio file directly to the output mixer OUT1 - this is a fire and forget play back mode:

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EXEC_PLAY_FILE C:\Temp\test.mp3|OUT1
Here is another use case using the EXEC_DIRECTPLAYER_... commands: EXEC_DIRECTPLAYER_CREATE

I hope, that this matches your needs. I.e. you simply need to implement the simple TCP/IP/text interface in your notification/system.
If you do not know how to do this, you can even use the ready made command-line tool called "pfremcmd". This is command-line tool which you can execute directly. A use-case is explained here: viewtopic.php?p=1455#p1455

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