Scheduler 2 programs same time

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Bart ve
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Scheduler 2 programs same time

Post by Bart ve »

In my scheduler I want this to happen
1. An url (shoutcast stream) that starts after the TOTH
2. A playlist that starts in case of a connection error with the url

I’d like to use the scheduler vs. The modstream watcher.

Other question: what happens if you program 2 programs on the scheduler with same start / end? Just curious.
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Re: Scheduler 2 programs same time

Post by radio42 »

First, it is better, if you post questions to the 'Questions & Answers' section of the forum, as this 'General' section is not moderated!

To define a TOTH you typically use a first script-line and set the LoopLine option to 2 (2. script-line).

As such, you specify a LoadTrack as the 2. scrip-line (when you click into the Entry field you can hold down CTRL and click in the '...' dots to specify a URL). This script-line now load the given URL from playback...
As the 3. script-line (and probably in additional script-lines) you can now specify your alternative tracks/playlist...

If the 2. line fails (i.e. the URL is not available/playable), it will be skipped and the next script-line is selected. If you never want to try the URL again in that script, just also exclude this script-line from the loop and a set the LoopLine option to 3.

When specifying a parallel program with the exact same start time - only one will be picked. Which one is non deterministic.
So simply don't do that - even if you can. But it is not guaranteed which one is selected.

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