"Voice track" via a phone

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"Voice track" via a phone

Post by sbourghardt »

I have a question related to make recordings on a phone that will be played out via ProppFrexx.

Our station is doing a lot of outside broadcasts where a reporter is out and doing interviews etc using a recording app on their phone.

At the moment the reporter is emailing the recording to a editor in the studio that fixes the sound in a DAW and then manually put it into PF.

But is there a way to automate this process? So the reporter can do his recording, send it to our server computer, and that the file will be played out after the next song?

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Re: "Voice track" via a phone

Post by radio42 »

We have no ProppFrexx app for mobile phones available.
But I guess with some scripting or virtual devices you might already automate a lot. As it sounds you don’t do voiceovers, but mire like News, Interviews etc. which you might put into a folder and ProppFrexx just picks them sequentially from that folder!
As else what exactly is your Editor in the studio doing with the recordings? How does he schedule the received tracks?

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