v3.0.10.31 - stable

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v3.0.10.31 - stable

Post by radio42 » 13 Apr 2012 23:37

Version is out!

What's New?
  • New 'streaming' macros added
  • Advertising: Billing-Report bug-fix
  • Streaming-Server 'Auto Update' Titles bug-fix
  • Scripting Filter processing optimized
  • PFL open/close behaviour streamlined
  • Scheduler starting close to a next program optimized
  • New control-commands added
  • Various other optimizations
  • Other smaller bug-fixes
  • stable

New 'streaming' macros added
Global Macros (always available):
${streamingstartedservers} : the number of started streaming servers
${streamingisanyconnected} : is any streaming server connected (1/True=yes, 0/False=no)
Streaming Macros (available for streaming server events):
${streamingserverisconnected} : is the streaming server connected (1/True=On, 0/False=Off)

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