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Version is out!

What's New?
  • Axia Livewire+ GPIO support added
  • New Playlist option 'Fill Tracks til scheduled EndTime' added
  • New Playlist option 'Resolve Overlays to Playlist' added
  • New Script-Line mode 'TimeUpdateSync' added
  • New Script-Line mode 'LineIn' added
  • New embedded Container 'LineIn Feed' added
  • Advert Billing-Report error handling optimized
  • Campaign Priority extended
  • New 'Resolve Overlay to Playlist' item added to Upcoming Overlays
  • VoiceTracking of current playing track allowed
  • Clear Statistics bug-fixes
  • Advert PFL bug-fixes
  • Instant Recording file selector added
  • GPIO UDP Server bug-fix
  • Various smaller optimizations
  • Other smaller bug-fixes
  • stable

Axia Livewire+ GPIO support added
The GPIO client has been enhances by a new Livewire+ tab including the ability to configure two Livewire+ devices and related mappings.
In addition new Livewire+ control-commands and macros have been added, e.g. EXEC_SEND_LIVEWIRE1/2_GET/SET/SEND or ${LIVEWIRE1/2:GPI port pin}.
See the appendix of the user manual for details about these commands/macros.
The Livewire+ mapping defines either a GPO or GPI type, a Port and a Pin and allows you to react on any pin state value change.
The Livewire+ GPIO interface allows full 2-way communication with any Livewire+ supported device, e.g. from Axia.

New Playlist option 'Fill Tracks til scheduled EndTime' and 'Resolve Overlays to Playlist' added
These two new playlist buttons (see the Add/Remove ribbon tab) allow you to dynamically extent a scheduled playlist until its scheduled end time and to resolve all current overlays as playlist items into it. This works like an ad-hoc playlist template and allows on-the-fly voice tracking of a live playlist.

New Script-Line modes added
Two new script-mine modes 'TimeUpdateSync' and 'LineIn' added.
The first (imeUpdateSync) allows script based scheduling of a TimeUpdateSync, e.g. to ensure, that the subsequent script-lines are played starting at a defined time.
The second (LineIn) allows you directly schedule a LineIn Feed from with a script-line. It take the mixer input channel to use and the duration as its parameters.

Accordingly to the above 'LineIn' script-line mode, a new embedded dynamic 'LineIn Feed' container has been added as well.
This also allows you to now specify the 'AsPlaylistInsert' option with a 'LineIn' Overlay Scheduler entry.

Campaign Priority extended
The advert campaign priority value range has been enhanced for values below 0 and values above 100.
A campaign priority can be used to define the order in which campaigns are played within an advert slot. Campaigns with a higher priority will be played first (e.g. 60, 50, 40, ...).
Note: When using campaign keys this priority might get shifted resulting in campaigns with a lower priority being played first, as the campaign key is evaluated regardless of the priority.
However, priorities above 100 are always played first and priorities below 0 are always played at the the end (regardless their key).

New 'Resolve Overlay to Playlist' item added to Upcoming Overlays
So far, the 'Upcomming Overlay' popup window only allows you to start an overlay 'now' (ad-hoc), even for future entries. The context menu is now enhanced with a new 'Resolve Overlay to Playlist' item, so that it is resolved to its effective start time into the playlist.

Plus a few more little enhancements ...

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