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Version is out!

What's New?
  • DJ Player Routing per Media Entry Type added
  • Multi-Region support for embedded overlays added
  • new Playlist FontSize, RowHeight and FullCover options
  • Scriptline skipping bug-fix
  • Manuell TUS bug-fix
  • BWF Bext chunk reading/writing compatibility
  • External Scheduler log import optimized
  • Various smaller optimizations
  • Other smaller bug-fixes
  • stable

DJ Player Routing per Media Entry Type added
See the new 'Routing per Media Type...' button in the general settings, section 'Routing'.
This option allows you to define an individual DJ Player routing per media type, i.e. you might use a dedicated mixer output channel for a specific media entry type.
Each track can be assigned with an individual media type attribute (or assigned by the default media types per media libraries). The track related media type will be used to determine the individual routing settings.
However, an individual routing is only used for those media entry types which are defined in the underlying mapping. All other media entry types will still continue to use the default resp. alternative routing.

The routing of the DJ Player is temporarily changed when a track with the given media entry type is loaded to it (and switched back when ejected).

Caution: Use this setting with care, as it might be confusing in case you are using an external mixer console, as the mixer channel might now be different with certain media entry types loaded to a DJ Player.

Multi-Region support for embedded overlays added
So far the Multi-Region Advert/News support was limited to the use of the Overlay Player in the Main studio (which actually does not work well with pre-generated playlists or remote voice tracking) when using embedded overlay containers.
This version now removed this limitation and multi-region play out is now also supported by embedded overlay containers being played out via the regular DJ Players.

New Playlist FontSize, RowHeight and FullCover options
There are three new playlist options (see the general settings, section 'Playlist Settings') to align your look and feel of the playlist.

Font Size Delta: This option allows you to increase (positive value) or decrease (negative value) the font size of the playlist.
Note: You might need to adjust the row height accordingly!

Row Height: This option defines the default height of a playlist row. When increasing the font size you might also need to increase the row height.
Note: In case of TouchUI mode the row height gets additional 14px; in case of HighDPI mode the row height is increased by additional 30%.

Show Full Cover: When checked and the Cover(Art) column is visible within the playlist, it is fully displayed. Else the cover column uses the row height.

Note: The previous 'Use BigFont' option was removed, as it is now obsolete; i.e. set the Font Size Delta to a positive value (e.g. 3).

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