v4.1.4.1 - stable

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v4.1.4.1 - stable

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A new version is out!

What's New?
  • New Global Restrictions enhanced by DoNotRepeat mode
  • New Local Script Restrictions added
  • Option to disable internal Hotkey mappings
  • Negative CueInOffset adjustment per track added
  • New MixIn per track setting
  • New TrackStartIndicator, TempoStart and TempoEnd added
  • New RVT program option added to suppress all overlays
  • Compatibility import added for RadioDJ cue-points
  • Compatibility import optimized for mAirList cue-points
  • WebM playback added
  • Overlay Scheduler sorting fixed
  • SuppressFTE script-line/entry option bug-fix
  • MixIn CueInStartAtZero segue-editor bug-fix
  • New OrderConfirmation Report Editor added
  • 3rd Wheatstone GPIO mapping added
  • New control-commands added
  • MODStreamWatcher next track and FadeOut bug-fix
  • Various smaller optimizations
  • Other smaller bug-fixes
  • Stable
The main additions are (beside a few new meta data fields) script related restrictions.
These are essentially the same as global restriction, i.e. you can define rules based on the global song history to define 'maximum allowed repeats' resp. 'do not repeat within' conditions. You can also define, that these rules should either apply to all script-lines or only a particular script-line.
Global restrictions can be excluded by a new 'SuppressGlobalRestriction' script-line option.

Furthermore the MixIn feature is now also available on a per track setting basis, this also includes the option to define a negative cue-in offset value (i.e. the previous track's next cue-point will effectively be triggered this number of seconds earlier).

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