v4.2.0.5 - stable

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v4.2.0.5 - stable

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Version is out!

What's New?
  • new UI lib version used
  • new Audio lib verion used
  • Cartwall now supports 3 sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • new Cartwall double-cick modes added: None, Play Cart, PFL Cart
  • Rescan of playlist media libs now doesn't remove dead tracks
  • Timecode window now also shows Standby Ramp/Outro time
  • ANYOF and CATEGORY now also supported for Sequential script-lines
  • ALT+DragDrop now also spported within a playlist (Convert to Sweeper)
  • additional mAirList compatibility for meta data reading
  • JMD tag reading bug-fix
  • Track-Event bug-fix when already loaded to DJ-Player
  • Insert-Events might be played out twice bug-fix
  • new overlay macros added
  • stable

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