Close to live RVT

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Close to live RVT

Post by moogwill »

Hi Bernd, Hi all,

I was wondering, of a possibility to log to the current playlist, generate it till the end, if it's not and then do some RVT that you can push to the current playlist on the server.

In the same way, then, we could even think of a live assisted function using cleanfeed, that wouyld be absolutely amazing!!!
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Re: Close to live RVT

Post by radio42 »

You can already generate a full playlist if you want - respectively you can even pre-create your playlists in advance: see the 'Scheduler Automation' button in the general settings, section Folder/Libraries - Automatic Playlist Template (Pre)Generation.
You can even to this manually via the 'Playlist Template Wizard' or directly from within the scheduler (right-click and select 'Create Playlist Template...'). This will pre-create your .pfp playlist files for a certain program.

Once a playlist is already pre-generated as a real .plp file - you can RVT it also while it is already running or edit it form another PC by simply opening it.
Any modified .pfp file which is loaded as a currently running playlist (i.e. via a LoadPlaylist script) will be monitored and its changed take effect automatically after each played track and the life running playlist will be updated accordingly.

This will however is not be possible for dynamic playlists which are rendered online in real-time while they are playling (which is the default).
So those playlists need to be pre-generated.

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