Cartwall not viseble

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Cartwall not viseble

Post by Sietse »

Everytime when i start Proppfrexx the cartwall shows on my left monitor en the players on my right monitor.
When i started my system now i only get the players , but the cartwall is gone.
what can i do?
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Re: Cartwall not viseble

Post by radio42 »

Seems, that your layout got somehow broken... (or you have accidentally moved the window to a invisible location).
You can do two things:

1) close ProppFrexx, locate the file called „ProppFrexx ONAIR.Layout“ in your ProppFrexx AppUserData folder, delete that file, and finally restart ProppFrexx.

2) go to the general settings, section Look And Feel and click on the button ‚Reset: Layout‘ (not ‚Restore Layout…‘)! A restart of ProppFrexx is also required after.

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