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Add "EXEC_MACRO_GET" control-command

Posted: 30 Sep 2022 13:27
by Maartenvn
I am writing some custom software that utilizes ProppFrexx control-commands to retrieve information from the remote instance. However, not all information in ProppFrexx has a corresponding control-command to retrieve it's value (overlay player name and remaining time, ...). However, ProppFrexx has a wide range of build-in Macro's that contain almost all information within the application.

I would be handy to have a EXEC_MACRO_GET command, with the same behavior as the EXEC_VAR_GET command but for all build-in Macro's.

Example usage would be:

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EXEC_MACRO_GET overlayremainms
> Return value: 16700
I have been reading through the control-commands in the documentation and on the forums and couldn't find a way to currently achieve this. This would be a great addition and allow for much more external capabilities.

Thank you in advance :)

Re: Add "EXEC_MACRO_GET" control-command

Posted: 30 Sep 2022 15:22
by radio42
That function already exists ;-)
You can use the command PING to do so - it actually returns what you have send, whereas any macros are evaluated beforehand.